Wetlands Planting

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Wetlands help reduce the impacts from storm damage, maintain good water quality in rivers, stabilize climatic conditions and control pests. Whether it is engineers , architects, planning and development officials, or a residential homeowner, the public is more aware than ever of the pressures on existing wetlands. Due to an increase in new constructions, wetlands planting has become an integral component in every project plan.



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At All Seasons Landscaping our staff has extensive wetland planting experience. With projects ranging from a 14 acre restoration project in New Bedford, MA to numerous new wetland plantings throughout Massachusetts & Connecticut. We’ve also implemented many private projects consisting of both detention and retention basin plantings.

Utilizing a variety of state of the art equipment, no job is too large or small.

Whether your concern be woody upland plants, herbaceous, tubers, root cutting, coir logs, brush layering, live stakes or special seeding, we have the skills, equipment, and knowledge to get the job done right.