Over the past decade, the State of Connecticut in partnership with the Department of Transportation has become more aware of the inherent threat that invasive species pose to our native habitats. In order control invasive species on job sites contractors have a new set of guidelines that must be followed on job sites that are being enforced by the CT Office of Environmental Planning.

Contractor’s responsibility before and during invasive removal:

Maintain labels for each herbicide being used
Provide OEP with a 10 day notice prior to beginning work so the Environmental Scientist can arrange to be present when necessary
Follow all manufacturer\’92s recommendations and requirements of regulatory agencies for herbicide formulations and applications.
Maintain written, detailed records of all herbicide applications, including formulation, concentration, areas treated, dates of application, which must be submitted to the Environmental Scientist following each treatment

Invasive species can be controlled using mechanical and chemical techniques. Guidelines from the OEP also don’t end in the before and during stages of removing invasive species either. There are guidelines for disposal of invasive vegetation as well as steps to be completed on the job side after the invasive species have been eradicated. To learn more about the entire invasive species removal process please download our white paper “The Invasion of Invasive’s” to learn more.