Over the past decade, the State of Connecticut in partnership with the Department of Transportation has become more aware of the inherent threat that invasive species pose to our native habitats. These non-native species have multiplied at aggressive rates, out-competing native species that provide beauty to our landscape and in addition, many ecological benefits to birds and wildlife. In an effort to protect Connecticut\’92s natural ecosystem, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and CT DOT Office of Environmental Planning (OEP) now mandates that all invasive species must be removed within project limits before any work can commence on any state construction project.

All Seasons Landscaping Contractors has had many years of experience performing invasive removal on many projects all across the state. Our crew members are all DEEP Licensed Pesticide Operators that spray under the direction of a Licensed Commercial Supervisor. We also have the equipment that can handle clear cutting invasive species, including sizable caliper woody ornamentals, close to the ground. This enables us to quickly and efficiently, mechanically remove invasive species covering large surface areas.

After spending countless hours combing over detailed specifications and project plans, then having to aggressively bid against your competitors, it is frustrating enough to get a signed contract and permission to start work after finally being awarded the job. The last thing any contractor needs is to have their job delayed any further because invasive species have not been eradicated on the job site.

If you have any questions in regards to invasive removal on your next project, please read our new whitepaper “The Invasion of Invasives” which you can download for free by clicking the image below.