What does ‘Measuring Up’ mean to All Seasons Landscaping as a company? To me personally it means taking our company to the next level in terms of what we do, how we do it, and how we present it. We have been fortunate enough to have continually grown our company and survived the numerous down economies’ we have incurred over the last 35 plus years. In doing so, we have evolved to a reputable Landscape Construction Company that is currently involved with many of the most respected general contractors in the Northeast. We have developed our systems and found our place in our industry. Our goal now is to improve on the systems and practices we have in place and bring them to ‘The Next Step’ So, how do we do this? Our goal is to implement the changes (in the same manner) as we actually process our work on a daily basis.

The Bid

    • For us ‘The Next Step’ on bidding is to improve our communication with those we present our bids to. We will more specifically outline our scope of work as well as point out any inconsistencies or discrepancies in the specifications. Whenever possible, we will do this in advance of the bid date. If there are potential pitfalls for the General Contractor we will point them out as we interpret them. We will build a balanced bid and price it to complete the work as intended’ We will present our proposal in a format the will be convenient for the general contractor to integrate with their bid.
    • The General Contractor has the responsibility to ascertain all of the subcontractors bid the work completely and as it was intended to be performed. As tempting as it may be to carry an incomplete ‘low bid’, it eventually will wreak havoc. Some General Contractors feel that when it comes to fruition, \’93that it will be the subcontractors\’92 problem, but it most definitely will become theirs as well.

The Work

    • \\’93The Next Step\’94 on completing our work is to improve our systems. This starts by implementing more advance communication and planning procedures. This involves the General Contractors, The Engineers or Owner Representatives, and all parties involved. We will review the process prior to actually working to ascertain all parties are on the same page. We will coordinate schedules and time frames to a best fit scenario. We will educate all of those involved as to what is required to make our work proceed as seamlessly as possible in a manner that works with all other trade schedules to the extent that it practically can. We will continue to update our equipment and further educate our workforce. We will continue to endeavor to build the highest quality product we can provide.


    • \Timely submittal of all paperwork is crucial to a smooth running project. Material submittals should be correctly assembled and submitted well in advance of the anticipated use date. Certified payrolls are to be submitted on an approved form and on a weekly basis. Requisition dates should be established and all requisitions should be in the acceptable format and submitted in a timely fashion. At All Seasons Landscaping Inc we know the value of organized and timely project accounting and we utilize \’93Foundation Construction Software\’94 which is considered among the top software programs in the industry.

Working with All Seasons Landscaping

If you are interested in learning more about All Seasons we encourage you to visit our website www.aslct.com. If you would like to submit a project please click the image below.