While there are several types of Bonded Fiber Matrices (BFMs) available on the Hydroseeding market, they do not provide as high a level of protection and vegetation as a Flexible Growth Medium. They are, however, still a better option in several situations. Flexible Growth Medium on the other hand only has two products in its category, which include Flexterra HP-FGM and CocoFlex ET-FGM both of which out perform any other hydraulically applied mulch in terms of performance and longevity.


When to Hydroseed with FGM

FGM is the perfect solution when you are in need of immediate vegetation establishment or the site demands immediate erosion protection and you need to eliminate risk from approaching wet weather. This product is also perfect when a site is in need of both mechanical and chemical bonds to withstand greater surface flow and/or sever slopes. In terms of longevity, FGM can provide soil with erosion protection for 12 to 18 months.

Overall, Flexible Growth Medium is the perfect solution for soil erosion projects. It longevity and proven high performance makes it stand out and almost impossible for other products to compete as well as it can on the job site.


When to Hydroseed with BFM

Bonded Fiber Matrices are a valuable option when it is almost positive that heavy rains will not follow application. The soil must be dry and rain should not be expected within 24-28 hours of application. The chemical bond is strong enough to meet slope severity and longevity needs. The required functional longevity of soil protection is 12 months or less.

Bonded Fiber Matrix is the best choice for difficult terrain and extended longevity. BFM sprays on to the location as mulch, but dries to form a blanket which bonds with the soil to effectively prevent erosion. This makes the product more cost effective and results in quick application compared to erosion control blankets.


Key Takeaways

When it comes time for a hydroseed application make sure to ALWAYS check the composition of the product you are going to use. A BFM should consist of defibrated fibers and cross-linked insoluble hydro-colloidal tackifiers to provide erosion control and facilitate vegetation establishment on steep slopes. Other products may include fibers and tackifiers that only last up to three months and not effectively establish vegetation quickly.

Both BFMs and FGMs are successful when used for erosion control jobs, however FGM is usually the better choice. While both have several effective attributes FGMs will give you quicker vegetation establishment and better longevity.


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