There are many variables that determine the cost of Hydroseeding in Connecticut. Hydroseeding costs are typically based on a per square foot basis. That is, when the total square feet of an area is determined after considering all the factors, the contractor will determine a price for the whole job and divide it by the total square feet to come up with a unit price per square foot. hammocks-hydroseed-full-1

So what factors are considered?

    • Location (travel distance)
    • Size of project
    • Accessibility
    • Availability of water
    • Products to be used (seed mixture, fertilizer, fiber, and additives)
    • Prevailing wage or Open shop

Let\’92s look at each factor and discuss how it affects price.


Travel time is a critical factor in determining the cost of a hydroseeding project. More time spent traveling means more labor, fuel, and equipment costs that will need to be recovered. In the commercial hydroseeding industry this can be misleading.  When a contractor is set up for hydroseeding they will typically have projects statewide and may be able to perform two jobs in a day. A contractor that has multiple trucks will often be more efficient as they can be in more locations in the same period of time. This may reduce costs.


Size is a critical factor in determining the cost of hydroseeding as well. The larger the project is, the less of a factor travel becomes. Recovering the cost of travel is much less of a factor on a large scale shoot than it would be on a smaller project. What is small and what is large? This will depend on the contractor and what size equipment they utilize. As a general rule, the larger hydroseeding contractors can apply (under ideal conditions) 7-10 acres of hydroseed per truck and crew, per working day.


Hydroseeding can be applied in two methods; One is applying the materials through a large hose and the other is spraying from what is known as a \’93turret\’94 on top of the actual machine. Generally speaking, using a hose makes reaching difficult areas easier, but it also takes substantially longer than a turret. If the site is easily accessible and the truck can drive right on with the operator spraying from the turret, the time required to complete the project will be significantly less than if the crew is required to pull a hose repeatedly to gain reach hard to access the target areas.

Availability of Water

Water is a key element in the hydroseeding mix. A large hydroseeder requires more than 3000 gallons per each tank of mix. Depending on what materials are used and at what rates they are applied, a large hydro eeder can cover from \’bd to 1 acre per mixture. On a larger project multiple mixes may be required. Filling a truck by hydrant is the fastest way and when a hydrant is not available, pumping from a clean water source (pond or stream) would be the second choice. Usually filling with a garden hose is too cost prohibitive to even consider. It simply takes much too long to complete this prilimary task.


Besides water there are 3 elements that are typically included in a standard hydroseed mix; Mulch, Seed & Fertilizer. Today there are more choices for these materials than there are flavors of ice cream at the local supermarket. In addition, mulch can be upgraded to more complex products such as Bonded Fiber Matrix or Flexible Growth Medium. Seed, depending on variety, can range in price from $1-3 per pound. In cases where special mixes are required, (wetland applications, etc.) prices can exceed even $100 per pound.

Prevailing Wage or Open Shop

Labor rates will also play an important role when determining the cost of hydroseeding projects.  It is important to know and understand prevailing wage rates.   Another factor to take into consideration on prevailing wage projects is the time associated with the reporting of certified payrolls and materials.   Open-Shop jobs are more straight forward as only federal and state minimum wage laws must be followed.

Key Takeaway

As one can see, there are a multitude of factors that affect the cost of hydroseeding in Connecticut and across the country. Without knowing each of the variables listed above it simply is not possible to responsibly determine the cost of applying the hydroseed mix. Determine your situation and requirements and then contact a hydroseeding professional to get an accurate quote of what your projects cost will be.

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