Basins play an important role in storm water management on new construction sites.   Basins control Storm water flow in critical areas to prevent flooding and erosion.  The basins eventually release some or all of the contained water at slow controlled rates as to not impact surrounding areas.   

The main difference between detention and retention ponds is whether or not they contain a permanent body of water.  A detention basin or dry basin is a basin that does not permanently have water in it.  A detention basin will contain water after a storm and will eventually drain out and remain dry between storm events.  In comparison, retention basins are intended to always have some permanent body of water.   Retention basins water level will rise following a storm and will slowly subside to its normal level.

An experienced landscape contractor needs to know the difference between these basins as the seed mixtures and vegetation that are selected will vary depending on the type of basin.  Seed mixes and plant material should be decided based on the water level and typical conditions.  In addition to seed mix selection, it also is important to select the correct species and verify proper placement of the plant materials. Selecting the wrong species or planting in an improper location could easily be fatal to the plant material and also reduce the effectiveness of the basin as well as its ability to prevent erosion. Typically an assortment of aquatic plugs and native plant materials are ideal for these wetland sites.  Aquatic loving plants should not be mulched, because as the water level rises it will remove and carry away mulch and leave the area bare and susceptible to erosion. The best solution is to utilize a seed mixture that is specifically labeled for wet areas and basins which in turn will provide suitable vegetative coverage.

Employing an experienced wetland landscaping contractor will greatly increase the intended outcome of a planned detention or retention basin\’92s construction. If you are in need of these services contact All Seasons Landscaping to learn more.