While natural disasters such as floods, fires, hurricanes and tornados can destroy miles of property in a short amount of time, everyday weather such as wind, rain and snow can also cause just as many problems on our jobsites. The unpredictable weather patterns inherent of our New England climate have a huge impact on the Earths soil, creating concerns for erosion control, storm water runoff control, and the creation of new developments. This makes soil protection a major priority for our industry. erosion-control-home

Something we cannot control is the affect that Mother Nature has on our environment. The damage caused can be devastating. For example, not only can fires destroy mass amounts of homes, but land as well. Hillsides and large areas of open land that are left exposed can become overwhelmed with rain, causing soil to slide and pour onto highways, waterways and homes.

It is then up to the professionals to try and fix the damage caused by weather. While this is a substantial job to complete, there are several methods and types of equipment that can help restore damaged areas and protect existing areas of the Earth\’92s soil.


Hydroseeding is a method that prevents soil erosion and creates an environment that is beneficial for plant growth because it is a combination of water, wood fiber mulch, seed and fertilizer.

With the new types of improved equipment available, it is becoming easier to hydro seed larger areas in a more efficient amount of time. The equipment is beneficial because it is able to access hard-to-reach areas, as well as use a variety of materials in each machine. The machines come in several different sizes in order to best complete individual jobs. Hydro seed makes it possible to plant seed, apply fertilizer, and install erosion control measures in individual applications, or combine them all together in one single application. Hydroseed when combined with a Flexible Growth Medium (FGM) and Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) allows water to run down a slope when it rains. When mulch is added and applied with seed, erosion issues are taken care of.

Hydro seed continues to be one of the easiest, cost and time efficient methods for controlling soil erosion and vegetation problems on job sites.

Erosion Control Matting and Blankets

Erosion control mats and blankets are other forms of erosion control protection for use on steep to moderate slopes, new landscaped areas, and drainage swales, channels, and ditches. These biodegradable devices are anchored into the ground with pins or staples, and have lots of ridges and crevices that help slow down the velocity of water, increasing water infiltration into the soil. These covers are often used during establishment of seed to increase germination while preventing erosion and storm water runoff on difficult sites. Erosion control mats and blankets can be made out of woven synthetic or natural fibers, or both. Some common materials are straw, coconut fiber, aspen fiber, jute, and polypropylene. There are different grades of these materials, depending on the severity of the slope and potential for high water runoff.

Hiring the right Landscaping Contractor

Investing in equipment for hydro seed or mulching can save your company significant time and money.  While it is a large investment the need to preserve our Earths soil has become greater than ever with the recent natural disasters that have been occurring. It is imperative that companies have the necessary equipment and knowledge to complete these jobs correctly and efficiently. Proven experience from subcontractors makes it easier for contractors to complete soil erosion or hydro seed projects on their construction sites quickly and efficiently.