Hydroseeding is changing the way Connecticut landfill owners manage their operations. This convenient technology replaces the need for dump trucks full of soil and the labor-intensive filling, spreading, and dumping of soil for a daily cover. Saving time and labor is just one of the many advantages to using hydroseeding for CT landfill erosion control. hammocks-hydroseed-full-2

Advantages to using Hydroseeding for Landfill Erosion Control and Daily Cover

Hydroseeding for Landfill Erosion Control offers several advantages over the traditional landfill daily cover of soil. Chief among these is efficiency. Using hydroseeding equipment to spread an approved alternate daily cover (ADC) of mulched recycled newspaper, polymers, and biological stimulants uses far fewer man-hours than hauling, tipping, and spreading dump trucks full of soil. Fewer man-hours mean lower labor costs and ultimately a healthier bottom line.

Dramatically lowering labor costs, however, is not the only benefit to using hydroseeding and an ADC. Such a landfill daily cover helps to prevent erosion by staying securely in place rather than being subject to mudslides and wind as dirt cover can be.

Hydroseeding and an ADC also help:

    • Repel vermin and other animals
    • Control dust
    • Help to prevent fire hazards
    • Reduce odor
    • Minimize blowing litter.

Hydroseeding with an ADC extends the life of your landfill. By reducing the air space that’s needed for soil cover, using an ADC can make your landfill handle more waste and last months, if not years, longer.

Hydroseeding helps Connecticut landfill operations stay within the EPA’s Phase II NPDES Storm Water Management program and Storm Water Pollution Protection plan guidelines. Using ADC as a daily and final cover is an effective method of drainage and erosion control in Connecticut landfills. This blown-in cover stays in place, unlike traditional soil covers that can shift during severe weather, causing potentially hazardous run-off. Not only do ADCs stay in place, but the polymers and recycled paper in the mixture help to absorb moisture rather than letting the rainwater pool at the base of the landfill.

Key Takeaways 

If you’re not using an ADC and hydroseeding for your Connecticut landfill erosion control, you’re missing out on an affordable, fast, and effective way to control erosion and help your company improve its bottom line. If you haven’t already started using an ADC, it’s time to consider using this technology in your operation.

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