Paper mulch, made from recycled newspapers and other paper products, is becoming an increasingly popular hydroseeding medium due it is not the right answer for every landscape construction project.

Drawbacks of Using Paper Mulch

Although paper mulch (also known as cellulose mulch) is more affordable then wood mulch as hydroseeding medium, it does have its share of drawbacks. Below are just a few things to consider before opting for paper:

    • Biodegradable – The good news is that paper mulch is biodegradable, but that is also the bad news. Paper mulch disintegrates much faster in the often-harsh New England weather than other mediums, including the traditional wood-fiber mulch.
    • Unreliable for Erosion Control. Also due to its biodegradability, paper mulch is generally held to be less effective at erosion control than other types of mulch. In many cases, mulch is needed for stabilization and protecting surfaces and a medium that can easily wash away and will not be effective for very long.
    • Few nutrients \’96 As it is made from repeatedly processed and recycled materials, paper mulch has little to no nutrients.  If you are using mulch to enrich seed beds you may want to consider pine or wood-fiber mulch instead.
    • Less attractive. Paper mulch is not the right product for showy seed beds. Unlike pine bark or other wood fiber mulch, due to many of its qualities, paper mulch can often appear soggy or patchy.

Alternatives to Paper Mulch

In most cases, Wood Fiber Mulch is frequently a more high-quality and effective medium than Paper Mulch. Unlike Paper Mulch, Wood-Fiber mulch does not disintegrate. When applied through hydroseeding, the wood fibers intertwine creating a three-dimensional layer on the treated soil. This makes it a far superior choice for winter protection, moisture control, and stabilization amongst many other things.

Furthermore, in areas where the general public may view the treated land, Wood Fiber Mulch is considered a far more attractive as well as far more nutrient rich.

Key Takeaway

Due to its affordability and easy application, Paper Mulch can be a good weapon to have in your arsenal, but for long-term solutions and erosion control, you will want to think twice about choosing it as your medium.  All Seasons Landscaping is a strong advocate of wood-fiber mulch as a superior medium for a variety of landscape construction project.

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