One of the by-products of large landscape construction projects is the mountains of displaced soil such projects generate. As slopes can be graded and leveled off, the harsh New England rains and occasional tropical storms, hurricanes, or other natural disasters, can make it necessary to stabilize the soil so that they don’t become a hazard. waterbury-slope-stabilization-2

Why Slope Stabilization is Important 

The State of Connecticut and other New England states set strict standards on slope erosion control and how slopes on landscape construction sites should be handled. Left destabilized, slopes can send landslides of dirt and debris onto the roads or property below them. There can also be danger, as they shift, such slopes can affect the integrity of the foundations of structure above the slope. This can especially concerning during the Fall and Winter months as heavy rains and snow become an issue. 

Preventing Soil Erosion

There are many ways to prevent soil erosion on slopes disturbed by construction, natural disasters, or extensive earth work projects.

4 Ways to Prevent Soil Erosion

1. Hydroseeding – One of the most effective and cost-efficient methods of achieving slope stabilization is by hydroseeding. Grass or native wildflower seeds blown onto slopes set down roots quickly and help encourage soil stabilization. Hydroseeding helps these seeds to germinate more quickly and holds the soil better than dry seeding.

2. Shrubs and Perennials – The North Central Conservation District recommends adding native shrubs and perennial plants as anchors for grass seeds. These plants have deeper roots and can add to the slope’s stability.

3. Hay Mulch – Adding hay mulch, such as hay or straw can help the soil stay in place to provide a temporary slope protection.  It can also be beneficial to install a temporary seeding for example a perennial rye seed mixture to help with the erosion.  The benefit of using natural mulch is that it decomposes and doesn’t have to be removed at a later date.

4. Landscaping Blankets \’96 Erosion control blankets or matting can be very effective at controlling erosion. Made from biodegradable material, erosion control blankets are rolled out over the slope and anchored using staples. They protect the seeds until the root system has had a chance to develop.

Key Takeaways

Soil stabilization isn’t an impossible or budget-breaking task. With modern advances like hydroseeding your site can be compliant and without shut down.

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